Write a standard recipe card for mash potatoes

Or worse, I have a cake-tastrophe. I got more than I planned, in the best way.

Write a standard recipe card for mash potatoes

But I am a big fan of going to the mall during the game. I made him a Snackadium and boy, did his eyes light up when he saw it. Nothing says love like a Snackadium. Or green bleachers depending on how your imagination works. I arranged the dough triangles together, end-to-end on a baking sheet lined with a Silpat to form one large continuous rectangle.

I drizzled two tablespoons of olive oil over the dough and baked it for about fifteen minutes until it was slightly puffed and golden.

While it baked, I diced half of a large English cucumber and mashed three avocados. The avocados were extremely ripe and on sale for three-for-a-buck. I suspect my grocery store was trying to get rid of them, which worked out perfectly because like bananas, extra-ripe avocados are so much easier to mash, and are creamier and sweeter.

I squired a little lemon juice over the mixture, generously seasoned with chipotle seasoning, a pinch of salt and pepper, and stirred. Use any kind of spices you enjoy including cumin, garlic or onion powder, a favorite seasoning blend, or feel free to work in other diced vegetables like bell peppers, red onions, olives, corn, or cilantro.

This is really just a variation on chunky guacamole. After the flatbread emerged from the oven and cooled momentarily, I topped it with the avocado-cucumber mash, and sliced it using a pizza wheel.

Scott commented that he loved the flatbread dough, which was crescent roll dough, and liked it even better than the pizza dough. As I was arranging both types of dough on Silpats prior to baking, they looked very similar.

The crescent roll dough bakes up puffier, thicker, and according to Scott has better flavor. I made the pizza using Pillsbury Classic Pizza Crust.

write a standard recipe card for mash potatoes

I stretched the dough over a standard-sized cookie sheet lined with a Silpatcovered it with red pasta sauce, and topped it with shredded mozzarella. The fifty yard line is meatless gluten-free sausage and the other yard lines are mini pepperoni.

As I was laying out all those mini pepperonis I was thinking about all the body spray I was going to treat myself with at the mall. I baked the football field for about eighteen minutes until it was just browned. If baking these two recipes on the same day, note that crescent roll dough bakes at F and pizza dough bakes at F.

My family loved both the pizza and the flatbread. She said that two weeks ago with these and these. Most days my husband is a slightly more credible source than she is, and the whole thing received very high marks from him, too.

The pizza was gooey, cheesy, and the dough was soft and supple.For mine, I’d probably do a salt/pepper grilled mahi mahi, a cucumber salad (with red onions, salt, pepper, oregano, white wine vinegar, and olive oil), and my standard lentil recipe.

Repeat for each meal.

write a standard recipe card for mash potatoes

So, I quickly found my recipe card and discovered that I had details Grace did not. This recipe includes the crust, a filling, and the meringe topping.

First, Some Need-to-Know Info...

So, here I post grandma's recipe, as I wrote it down. Apologies for the late write up! The recipe was inspired by the Shepherd’s Pie my Mum used. Recipe from blog Finger, Here’s an excellent side dish recipe: Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes My son saw what I was making the other day and gave me a big “eye roll.” He says I’m always trying to sneak make birthday cards for free online.

The ham and turkey, mash potatoes, gravy, stuffing, macaroni salad and toss salad, dinner rolls, see the estimates on shopping for large community dinners and the plan for lists. Add about 8 . M*A*S*H still stands as one of the most successful television series of all-time.

· Mash potatoes by hand until smoothish, I do recommend mashing by hand. · Using masher, mash in liquids as needed for texture, the 2 tablespoons butter, brown sugar, pumpkin pie spice and salt.

Ultimate Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes - Dinner, then Dessert