What are the factors influencing domestic

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What are the factors influencing domestic

Glossary Factors Contributing to Domestic Violence Understanding the risk factors associated with domestic violence will help you frame some of your own local analysis questions, determine good effectiveness measures, recognize key intervention points, and select appropriate responses.


Risk factors do not automatically mean that a person will become a domestic violence victim or an offender. Also, although some risk factors are stronger than others, it is difficult to compare risk factor findings across studies because of methodological differences between studies.

Age The female age group at highest risk for domestic violence victimization is 16 to Victimization surveys indicate that lower-income women are, in fact, more frequently victims of domestic violence than wealthier women. Repeat Victimization Domestic violence, generally, has high levels of repeat calls for police service.

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It is likely that some victims of domestic violence experience physical assault only once and others experience it repeatedly [34] over a period as short as 12 months. Pregnancy Contrary to popular belief, pregnant women are no more likely than non-pregnant women to be victims of domestic violence.

The risk of abuse during pregnancy is greatest for women who experienced physical abuse before the pregnancy. A verbally abusive partner is one of the most robust risk factors for intimate partner violence. Although some overlap is likely, particularly under the theory that many batterers are generally violent, not enough is known because of the types of studies undertaken.Introduction Domestic Factors and Economic Development improvement of the role of women in the society leads to improved levels of health “In children everywhere will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling” Challenges Levels of education funds are higher in Urban Areas compare to the funds in the Rural Areas.

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domestic violence in early years or across the lifespan may be linked to some psychological problems that may create condi- tions for violence against victims in the future (Becker et al. Aug 16,  · Determining the factors that affect domestic water consumption is difficult because of the complexities of water use patterns (when, how, and why particular water use activities take place in a day); these patterns are, in turn, influenced by numerous factors, as discussed in Krantz.

What are the factors influencing domestic

Domestic and marital violence is a global problem that cuts across age, class, ethnic, and religious groups. Although women can be abusive in their relationships with men, the evidence indicates that women are mostly at the receiving end, as they suffer most cases of abuse (Kurz ).

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What are the factors influencing domestic

Factors Influencing Gross Domestic Product. 7. Display slide 4. 8. Ask the groups to find the cards shown on slide 4. Tell them to organize the cards on the table top in.

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