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They met at 5pm in the upstairs bar and spent an hour and a half talking about what she wanted in a partner. One was called Wayne, the other Tim. But there was some good news. Wayne wanted to meet her.

Vida matchmaking

He inhabits both worlds and has something important to say to designers and other engineers. Cooper is not one to say things softly. Cooper has been designing software since the arrival of personal computers more than 25 years ago.

There are few people who have thought as long and deeply about what good software design is and about how to produce it. Much of that thinking both comes from and infuses his work at Cooper Interaction Design, the person firm he founded and runs in Palo Alto, California.

Cooper is surprisingly generous, even zealous, about sharing what he has learned.

Vida matchmaking

He lays out his beliefs in two books: In Inmates, Cooper provides a detailed argument on the need for change. In sum, his argument is this: Computer chips are increasingly powerful, making computer power less and less expensive. As a result computers are being built into more and more products.

And where there are computers, there must also be software. And where there is software, very often, there is user interaction. And in software, the cost of adding one more new feature is almost nothing, whereas adding features to mechanical devices almost always increases their cost.

Cooper argues that software is thus less constrained by negative feedback acting to limit complexity than mechanical devices have been. The result is pure Rube Goldberg: The trouble is that each incremental feature makes a product more difficult to use.

That leaves us with products that are increasingly hard to use—and with growing frustration as we try to use them. In the traditional software development process, lots of people inside a company—and many times customers as well—ask for features.

Vida matchmaking

In many companies, the resulting list of features often becomes the de facto product plan. Programmers make this approach worse by picking or negotiating their way through the list, often trading time for features.

Steam Community :: Discussions I started my career as a psychologist, initially helping to rehabilitate adults with brain injuries, then working my way up to becoming a consultant business psychologist. By my mid-twenties my career was on a distinct and structured path.

In such a process, Cooper points out, it is difficult to know when a product is complete.About The Vida Consultancy Specialising in personal introductions to truly remarkable people, The Vida Consultancy’s exclusive matchmaking service is designed to help you find your life partner, someone compatible not only physically, but who also shares your life goals and deepest-held values.

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