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Stalin Marxism and the National Question The period of counter-revolution in Russia brought not only "thunder and lightning" in its train, but also disillusionment in the movement and lack of faith in common forces.

Thesis transparent background

More links 05Mar10 - Daily Telegraph - Dutch Prince Bernhard 'was member of Nazi party' Prince Bernhard, the father of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, was a member of the Nazi party, a new book has claimed, contracting the German-born Dutch war hero's life-long denials.

By Bruno Waterfield in Brussels - 6: He left all the groups on leaving university in Decemberwhen he went to work for the German chemical giant, IG Farben.

The prince always denied having been a member of the Nazi party, although he admitted that he briefly had sympathised with Adolf Hitler's regime. In one of the last interviews he gave before his death inhe said: I was never a Nazi.

Denied the chance to stay and organise resistance by the then Queen Wilhelmina, he became head of the Dutch Royal Military Thesis transparent background based in London. In a new biographical dissertation published on Monday, journalist and historian Annejet van der Zijl reveals a lot of unflattering information about this man who, even after his death, continues to inspire strong emotions.

Van der Zijl draws harder conclusions about his behaviour than Thesis transparent background biographers before her. In spite of his German blood, prince Bernhard was seen as a hero of the Dutch resistance against the German occupation of - But his life was also mired in controversy.

Inthe prince was stripped of his military titles after allegations of accepting bribes from the American aircraft manufacturer, Lockheed, which was then trying to sell its planes to the Dutch military.

In an interview that was published after his death, he admitted to having two illegitimate children, next to the four daughters he fathered with the late Dutch queen Juliana. The couple spent large parts of their lives effectively, though not publicly, separated.

The marriage, and the monarchy, was cast into crisis when the queen befriended a faith healer, Greet Hofmans, in the s.

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As the time Hofmans spent at the court and her influence on the queen grew, Bernhard increasingly objected to her presence. Even though Fasseur was a member of her dissertation committee, Van der Zijl comes to an almost opposite conclusion. Her dissertation was published under the title Bernhard, a secret history on Monday.

According to Van der Zijl, the main question guiding her research: She claims that till now Bernhard has never been placed in his proper historical context.


Prince Bernhard always denied he harboured sympathies for the Nazis, who came to power when he was 21 years old. He admitted to being a novice member of national socialist organisations like the German Students Association, but he always insinuated he had been forced into membership because, without it, he would have been unable to pass his exams.

Nazi membership Van der Zijl, however, found a membership card signed by the prince himself on which he reported being a member of the Nazi paramilitary group SA since April 27, The SA-membership was preceded by an obligatory six month novice membership, which means Bernhard must have applied for membership as early asa year before the Nazis rose to power, Van der Zijl argues.

Bernhard lied about other things beside his Nazi involvement, according to Van der Zijl.

Thesis transparent background

For example, he omitted crucial facts regarding his athletic abilities. Money and social standing Van der Zijl argues that Bernhard married Juliana not out of love for her, but for his own mother, Armgard. She also spoke to family members, friends and other people who had encountered Bernhard in the first part of his life.

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Thesis transparent background

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