The role of prophecy in the odyssey

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The role of prophecy in the odyssey

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Click Here to sign up. Please select one of the following: When one ponders the Greek mythology and literature, powerful images invariably come to mind. This prophecy is usually critical to the plot line, and also to the well being of the main characters.

Moreover, prophecy can be negative as well as positive. Oedipus was exiled and condemned by his own words, after he slew his sire and wed his mother.

This type of prophesy can blind even the gods themselves; Chronos was fated to be defeated and his throne stolen by his son. Prophecy plays an important role in the whole of Greek folklore.

Something this ever-present bears further examination. In The Odyssey, prophecy in its myriad forms affects nearly every aspect of the epic. Prophecies are seen in the forms of omens, signs, strict prediction of the future, divine condemnation, and divine instruction.

Though conceptually these forms are hard to distinguish, they are clearly separate in the Odyssey. Moreover, prophecies can be interpreted not only on the "plot device" level, but also on the level of characterization. Omens are brief prophecies intimately connected to the action at hand, which must be interpreted in terms of that action.

Yet the suitors ignore the omen, inviting their eventual destruction. This haughty treatment of a divine omen is a justification for their deaths. When Penelope says if Odysseus had returned he would, with his son, surely slay the suitors, Telemakhos let loose a great sneeze This omen reinforces the previous one, and simultaneously prepares the reader for the carnage to follow.

However, not all omens are effective. In the case of Telemakhos we see many bird omens signaling for him to do something about the suitors. Whether it was his immaturity to interpret the bird omens or blind arrogance Telemakhos does not act on them.

Signs are similar to omens, but differ in one crucial aspect; the prophesee is looking for a specific omen in order to decide whether he should or should not take some action.

There is only one good example of a sign in the Odyssey; on pageOdysseus asks Zeus for two divine signs to decide if it is time to slay the suitors. Because of these signs, Odysseus begins his plan to slay the suitors. Later on, with a thunderclap Zeus actually signals for the precise time to strike.

Signs are helpful devices; they allow not only a rationalization for when an event occurs but also shows the approval of the gods on such an action.

The role of prophecy in the odyssey

Not only are signs and omens plentiful in the Odyssey, but also the type one usually associates with prophesying, strict prediction of the future, abounds as well. Since Odysseus is the only one to do so, the prophecy is fulfilled.

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This "prophesy" is just a statement of the future; it contains no judgmental quality whatsoever.a dead prophet met by Odysseus at the entrance to the Underworld; prophecies that Posiedon is still out to get Odysseus, he should avoid the cattle of the sun god, the suitors will kill him when he comes home, and that he should sacrifice to Posiedon when all is .

In Greek mythology, Tiresias (/ t aɪ ˈ r iː s i ə s /; Greek: Τειρεσίας, Teiresias) was a blind prophet of Apollo in Thebes, famous for clairvoyance and for being transformed into a woman for seven years.

He was the son of the shepherd Everes [] and the nymph Chariclo. Tiresias participated fully in seven generations in Thebes, beginning as advisor to Cadmus himself.

Originally Answered: What role does Tiresias play on the "Odyssey" by Homer? Tiresias - A Theban prophet who inhabits the underworld. Tiresias meets Odysseus when Odysseus journeys to the underworld in Book LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Odyssey, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

Fate, the .

What is blind tiresias' prophecy to Odysseus

Theoclymenus and the Poetics of Disbelief: Prophecy and Its Audience in the Odyssey Jack Mitchell In this essay I will reconsider the role of Theoclymenus, soothsayer (mantis) of the Odyssey, in the light of current ideas about performance in Homer.

Telemus is the son of Eurymos, and he is a seer, a prophet. He landed on the island of the Cyclops' and lived out the rest of his days there. He prophesied that Polythemus would lose his sight at.

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