The right brained business plan

Currently, forms are used to track and report the miscellaneous income associated with services rendered by independent contractors or self-employed individuals.

The right brained business plan

You Are Already an Expert: I highly recommend working with Stephanie. She worked with several of my students at our Women's Empowerment Program. She was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, professional and personable and on time.

Her materials and program presentation were right on par with my student base. My class enjoyed working with her. She took the time to really understand our audience, figure out what motivates them, and created her content accordingly.

I would recommend Stephanie to anyone looking for a fresh perspective in the business world.

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Overall, Stephanie was a pleasure to work — she made planning and organizing the webinar smooth and easy, and her positivity is contagious! What a great program- useful for business owners, corporate people, and entrepreneurs! Pattie Vargas American Business Women's Association Stephanie was an outstanding choice for our business leadership event.

As a result, I had multiple requests from attendees who would like to follow up with Stephanie individually for personalized coaching. Stephanie is truly an incredible resource, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a brilliant, inspiring speaker that can provide tangible strategies to help find passion in life and career.

Lexi Davis Morgan Stanley The workshop was a wonderful success and Stephanie expertly guided the conversation and event so that each indivdiual participant left feeling engaged, inspired, and with a better sense of purpose and direction.

The energy level during the event was palpable, and it was a memorable and for some, life-changing experience for the individuals and the group.

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I enjoyed the experience and the opening it provided. I have left the vision board next to my meditation seat and look at it sometimes. Some things have manifested in amazing ways like the Mandela Tribute below we made it happen in 43 hoursspeaking and writing, yoga and spiritual life, love life etc Gopi Google In the world there are two groups of people: Rare to be part of something that's both eye-opening and fun.

The workshop was transformational in helping the group tap into their creativity.

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It was also a fabulous team building exercise -- certainly revealed a side of some colleagues that you don't often see. Success in business is all about ideas.

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Effectively being able to tap the artist within the business person and unlock that creative energy is very powerful. I highly recommend Stephanie's workshop.

A right-brained business plan?? - Resilience

Real breakthroughs come from being creative and we see this workshop as an opportunity to develop this skill and use it for the purpose of creating an amazing business.

Bakley Bakley Smith Consulting.Right now the United States is perched precariously upon a thousand-foot cliff, and it's about to sail off the edge into an abyss of suffocating socialism.. Between the cold-hearted bureaucrats and the pork-barrel politicians, it's a miracle that the whole thing hasn't come unwound already!

AN OPEN LETTER TO ASPIRING AFRICAN-AMERICAN BUSINESS OWNERS With this post, I’m talking to other aspiring and current African-American business owners.

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the right brained business plan

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Right now the United States is perched precariously upon a thousand-foot cliff, and it's about to sail off the edge into an abyss of suffocating socialism..

Between the cold-hearted bureaucrats and the pork-barrel politicians, it's a miracle that the whole thing hasn't come unwound already! The smart money says the U.S.

economy will splinter, with some states thriving, some states not, and all eyes are on California as the nightmare scenario.

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