The most boring day ever essay help

He sent our letter back to us with the handwritten comment, "This is the most boring topic in the world. Please do not bother me again. No-one cares much about civil service reform.

The most boring day ever essay help

Alamy All the days in all the years in all the world and they had to walk into mine. The "experts" work for a search engine organisation based in Cambridge and came to their conclusion by feeding m headline-making facts about "people, places, business and events" into a computer and breaking them down into the day on which they happened.

There was a general election in Belgium, the Americans were preparing to support the French army in Indo-China a forerunner of the Vietnam war and Abdullah Atalar — who went on to become a Turkish academic — was born.

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Maybe I was subconsciously driven to search out news by the paucity of it when I entered the world. Among my earliest big news memories was England winning the World Cup in — I think in retrospect that was when I started wanting to be a reporter, a sports reporter.

It was Watergate a little later that steered me towards political journalism.


Being born in Norfolk, though, has a way of preparing you for a quiet life. What was that word again? Began with a "b". But this seems to be a worldwide phenomenon. Search as you might on the internet, there are few entries for 11 April Even by then television had become, if not the opium, then perhaps the valium of the people.

Look up celebrity birthdays and the cupboard is equally bare. Jeremy Clarkson shares my birthday — but was born a few years too late.

Joel Grey of Cabaret fame was much too early.

the most boring day ever essay help

It fell — as it often has since — on Easter Day. We are a bit of an inbetween generation. We missed the baby boom — and are gradually seeing the benefits enjoyed by those 10 or so years older than us disappearing before we reach them.

But we have not had to endure a world war as our parents did, and have enjoyed a generally prosperous time that is only now coming to an end. And, hey, things could be worse. At least on 11 April the BBC did not have an announcer as they did on 18 April begin — and presumably end — a news bulletin with the announcement:10 thoughts on “ The Most Boring Thing You Will Ever Read ” Oregon Sunshine (Mrs Bad Pants) on May 26, at pm said: Ok, my eyes glazed by the third paragraph.

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the most boring day ever essay help

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The front page of the Daily Mail from the 12th April , the day after 'the world's most boring day' but, of course, we still produced a dazzling newspaper April 11 of that year has been identified by experts as the most boring of the 20th century – a day when nothing of note happened.

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