The eerie and bizarre of poe

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The eerie and bizarre of poe

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe evokes specific moods in his short stories in several ways. Most of his stories are gloomy, horrific, and eerie.

Poe wrote an explanation of the short story. The mood in a story is the atmosphere that pervades the work with the intention of evoking a certain emotion or feeling from the reader.

The eerie and bizarre of poe

Poe believed that a story should create a single effect on the audience. Poe believed that the first sentence in the story should begin to set the mood of the story.

This is not a story that is going to be humorous or sentimental. The words that set the ambience of the story include "dull," "dark," "oppressively dreary," and "melancholy.

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Another rule that Poe used in his writing was that everything in the story had to speak to the desired effect. No extraneous side stories or words were needed. Poe believed that the character had to behave in a believable manner based on his intellectual, emotional, and physical makeup.

Truth was a necessity for effective writing. The protagonist spends much of the story trying to convince the reader that he is not insane and that something else forced him to behave or do what he has been accused of in the story.

The house or place of the action in the story almost serves as a character. It brings its own peculiar weirdness to the mood of the story.

The palace, the catacombs, the dungeon, the coffin, the mansion—all add to the singular effect desired by Poe. He uses monologues, dialogues, and descriptions to keep the reader waiting and wanting more. Often the story is narrated in the first person, from the point of view of the main character.

Think of these narrators and their bearing on the mood: Poe developed the modern short story and inspired the mystery and horror story. His impact on American literature is unsurpassed in his genre. Establishing the mood and atmosphere was his area of expertise.Most of his stories are gloomy, horrific, and eerie.

Poe was a master at producing a particular mood, usually within the first paragraph of the story. Poe wrote an explanation of the short story.

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Here are 10 little-known facts about the old school horror maestro, Edgar Allan Poe. 11 Eerie Authors Like Edgar Allan Poe He was pen pals with Charles Dickens.

The eerie and bizarre of poe

They even met in person once, in Philadelphia. 9. The reasons for Poe’s sudden and bizarre death remain a mystery. There have been speculations of suicide, illness.

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