Struggle for gender equality in margaret

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Struggle for gender equality in margaret

One only needs to consider the campaign by anti-Thatcher campaigners to get Ding Dong the Witch is Dead to Number One in the British music charts shortly after her death to see that the legacy of her actions continues to resonate with large numbers of people.

Yet, we cannot forget that not only did Thatcher win three general elections in a row — the first time a party had won three consecutive elections since the provision of universal suffrage— but she was also the first female Prime Minister.

Thatcher as a housewife One of the unique campaigns made possible to a female Prime Minister was the ability to directly appeal to the largely unconsidered category of housewives.

By the s, it was widely acknowledged that there was a gender gap with regards to voting for the main parties: Therefore, the housewife was a largely unclaimed voter, whose traditional allegiance had been the Conservatives.

Furthermore, in an interview given to the BBC Radio One programme, Speak Easy, in November as the opposition leader, Thatcher clearly highlights to the listener that she remains an ordinary woman at the same time as being the political leader of Great Britain.

However, in the same interview, Thatcher discussed her views on being the first woman Tory Party leader, and that cutting taxes would be her first job as Prime Minister.

Struggle for gender equality in margaret

Something interesting to consider is the satire produced of Thatcher and her government, both during her premiership and after. These tended to gloss over John Major, says Heather Joyce, reflecting how Thatcher dominated the late twentieth century political landscape. An example of this is the Peter Brookes cartoon for The Times in However, during her premiership, portrayals of Thatcher tended to take a much more masculine form.

Examples from cartoonists such as Cummings and Nicholas Garland dating from across the s portray a masculine Thatcher; in one, Thatcher is dressed as a male sportsman running from the miners.

In another, she is described as thinking she is Charles de Gaulle, wearing his uniform. It is interesting to consider this use of masculine dress to depict Thatcher; though appearing solely derogatory, it can be considered both an endorsement and a rejection of her and her policies.

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In a very sexist manner, it can be considered an endorsement, because it is suggesting that, despite being a woman, she is a strong Prime Minister — strong enough to be considered the equivalent of a male. Thatcher as a feminist symbol? Thatcher did not consider herself a feminist. However, that did not mean that other women did not view her gender as an important part of her appeal to them.

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A series of interviews conducted by Jane Pilcher in the mids indicate that, whilst there was a range of views on Thatcher, the fact that she was a female was of great significance.

However, whilst her symbolic role is important, many feminists both at the time and subsequently strongly disapproved of the fact that Thatcher did nothing, or at best very little, to either encourage more women into politics, or to improve the situation of ordinary women.

Though this is a much narrower gap than in previous opinion polls, that the gap remains indicates that, for some reason, women continued to vote Conservative.

Struggle for gender equality in margaret

Considering the satirised version of Thatcher with gender in mind is also interesting, particularly when considering her continued representation despite having retired from politics.

However, when no longer a figure in current politics, Thatcher was represented as a woman — the mother of New Labour, the new branch of Thatcherism. Though her failure to implement policies to help women led to feminists vilifying her, we cannot forget that a majority of women voted Conservative, time after time.

Thatcher has changed the game for women across the country in a variety of ways.

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Written by Victoria Bettney References: Edited by Ben Jackson, Cambridge University Press, Accessed Feburary 10, KL by Kevin Kallaugher. For The Observer, February 12, Accessed February 29, For the Daily Telegraph, Feburary 19, Accessed March 1, For The Times, October 18, Accessed Feburary 19, Accessed February 20, Edited by Richard Toye and Julie Gottlieb, Moreover, gender equality is smart economic policy.

While all of this may seem simple and obvious, reaching these conclusions was not an immediate process or a certainty for all of us on the report team (as co-director Ana Revenga points out in her blog).

Mar 09,  · Freedom and Gender Equality for women story after Iran's islamic revolution and their struggle for "Freedom and Gender Equality for IRAN". by Margaret Sanger. Men's responses to women's demands for educational equality during three peak periods of activism for women's equality (mid-nineteenth century, turn of the century, and contemporary era) are examined for the insight they offer into the different issues and shifting arguments for and against gender equality in this and other arenas.

A central aspect of the struggle for gender equality is that reproductive work should become a societal responsibility. Women’s experience of oppression is affected by their race, class. Oversee gender equality technical team and coach program staff to ensure superior gender equality program quality and results from over CAD $ million in programming in over 30 countries.

Coach executive leaders to strengthen human resource policy, accountability processes and Title: Gender Advisor at CARE Canada. by George Klosko and Margaret G. Klosko. Paperback. $ (29 used & new offers) Black French Women and the Struggle for Equality, (France Overseas: Studies in Empire and Decolonization) Oct 1, Gender Talk: The Struggle For Women's Equality in African American Communities Dec 30,

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