Should students be required to take

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Should students be required to take

However, students at SHS— especially those in the Health Academy Program— hold a strong belief that foreign language classes should be optional to them due to the fact that they already have to learn another language: Of course, there is tremendous value in being able to speak a second language.

Peter Satto, Health Science Teacher The Language of Medicine involves learning complex vocabulary and understanding human body systems.

Since Health Academy students prioritize learning this skill, it would be beneficial to have an optional foreign language course. I have never had a time, though, where I have needed to know Spanish outside of school. I have basically learned the same vocabulary throughout high school and I know I will never be fluent in the language.

Therefore, high school foreign language education does not necessarily prepare students for the future, as other courses could. Some students, especially those in Health Academy, already know the future career they would like to pursue. However, International Baccalaureate IB students are required to take four foreign language classes as part of their international education.

Combined with the already-restrictive courses of IB, the foreign language classes make IB schedules very tight. Although it is important for students to know the true basics of a foreign language, forcing students to take a certain amount of [these classes] is not a great idea.

In order to do this, the school system would have to change their graduation requirement, allowing students to have more freedom in their classes while also better preparing themselves for the future.

At Seminole High, students in Health Academy and the IB program are required to take a foreign language course for a minimum of four years in order to graduate with that specific diploma. However, students in the traditional diploma program are not required to take a foreign language course, minimizing the number of students learning a foreign language.

Regardless of the specifics of each program, all high school students should be required to take a foreign language course in order to enhance multiple learning abilities, specifically decision-making skills, attention spans, and level of creativity.

Although many students argue that having a mandatory foreign language course increases the amount of coursework and homework students have, the skills learned from learning another language offset this added workload, helping students to benefit in the long run.

IB senior Sarah Walck is attending the University of North Florida in the fall and plans to become a sign language interpreter. For example, in IB French, students are exposed to various aspects of the French culture in order to aid in their learning of the language.

Should students be required to take

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In conclusion, I believe that students should not be required to take physical education courses. Physical education is extremely embarrassing for those students who aren’t athletic, is a waste of valuable learning time and is an added factor to the insecurity and self-consciousness amongst students.

One of the most counter-arguments is that students should, and do, have the ability to learn any language that they choose.

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