Pestle analysis john lewis partnership

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Aguilar in a practical way. After reading you will understand the basics of this powerful macro environment analysis. The PEST Analysis describes a framework of macro environmental factors that are important for strategic management.

It is a useful strategic tool for understanding market growth or decline, business position, opportunities and direction for the possibly required actions.

Aguilara Harvard University management professor. He developed this macro environmental analyze tool for scanning the business environment Factors Political factors Political factors indicate to what extent the Government influences in the economy. These factors are of crucial importance for strategic management.


Political factors include areas such as fiscal policy, labour law, environmental law, trade restrictions, rates and political stability. Political factors may also include goods and services the Government wants to provide or does not want to provide or be provided for instance subsidies.

The Government also has great influence on the healthcare, education and infrastructure of a country or nation. Economic factors Economic factors include growth, interest rates and the inflation rate of an economy.

These factors have a major impact on how businesses operate and make decisions. Exchange rates may affect the costs of export goods and the supply and prices of imported goods.

Pestle analysis john lewis partnership

Social factors Social factors are, among other things, cultural aspects and include health consciousness, population growth, age structure, careers and an emphasis on safety.

These social factors influence the demand for the products and services of an organization and how this organization responds to this demand. An ageing population, for example, may imply a smaller and less flexible staff resulting in higher labour costs. Based on social factors, organizations may change their management strategies to adapt to these developments for example by recruiting older staff on account of a shortage of knowledge workers.

Technological factors influence entry barriers, minimum efficient production levels and in-sourcing and outsourcing considerations.

Pestle analysis john lewis partnership

In addition, technological factors affect the costs and the quality of products and services and often lead to innovation. Applicability The factors of the PEST Analysis will vary in importance to a company based on its industry and the products and services it supplies.

For example, consumers and B2B companies tend to be more affected by the social factors, whereas an organization with a specific service provision to the Government would be more affected by political factors.

Factors that are more likely to change in the future or more relevant to an organization will carry greater importance. For example, an organization that has to borrow external capital will find that the economic factors especially interest rates are becoming more important than the political or social factors.

Other acronyms There are more acronyms for the PEST Analysis, also because additions have been made to the four existing factors. It is important to view the PEST Analysis as a part of an external analysis for conducting strategic planning or strategic analysis.

The PEST Analysis provides an overview of the macro environmental factors that are important to an organization. Do you recognize the practical explanation or do you have more suggestions? Share your experience and knowledge in the comments box below. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our Free Newsletter for the latest posts on Management models and methods.

More information Aguilar, F. Scanning the business environment. Simple tools and techniques for enterprise risk management.

Using PEST analysis as a tool for refining and focusing contexts for information systems research. How to cite this article: Retrieved [insert date] from ToolsHero: Your rating is more than welcome or share this article via Social media!The 83, Partners who work for the John Lewis Partnership have – for the first time in the company’s history been included in the businesses’ names as both John Lewis and Waitrose have added ‘& .

Joining the John Lewis Partnership comes with more than a new job and salary, that’s just part of the total package. As part of our commitment to Principle 1 The Partnership’s ultimate purpose is the happiness of all its members, through their worthwhile and satisfying employment in a successful business we offer a range of benefits to our.

Profile – John Lewis Partnership By System Administrator 1st May am 3rd November pm With a core of popular and longstanding benefits, The John Lewis Partnership has a democratic structure that allows staff to have their say, giving management some frank and honest views.

The Partnership's financial year ends on the last Saturday in January. Our yearly results are announced in March with interim results in September. The John Lewis Partnership plc interim results for the 26 weeks ended 28 July were published on Thursday 13 September Leaving the European Union would probably lead to higher prices in shops, the chairman of John Lewis says.

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