Party bus business plan template

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Party bus business plan template

Part Time Party Bus Business Idea If you really know how to have a good time, you might be interested in how to start a party bus. This opportunity would allow you to turn your best qualities into a profitable business. A party bus business involves driving revelers to a specific destination and back, or it could involve driving from bar to bar on weekends and special holidays.

You could offer this as a charter service for special groups or allow individuals to purchase tickets. When thinking about how to start a party bus, you will obviously need at least one bus. If you have the funds, you may consider purchasing a full-size bus for larger groups and a large passenger van for smaller parties.

This would allow you to accommodate a variety of situations without excessive fuel costs. What would a party be without decorations and refreshments? For bachelor parties, alcoholic beverages might be enough.

party bus business plan template

If you are carrying a group to a sporting event, team-themed decorations along with alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and snacks will be appreciated. You should also keep cleaning equipment and supplies on hand to keep the party bus spotless and to clean-up mid-trip if someone becomes car-sick.

Your operation will also require business forms including contracts, invoices, and liability releases. Licensing is another consideration when learning how to start a party bus.

Depending on your state and local laws, there may be additional licenses and regulations that must be complied with. In addition, you and your drivers will have to abide by the Department of Transportation DOT rules for drivers.

This involves maintaining an on and off duty log to make sure that no one drives more than the approved time. Local advertisement will be critical to drawing customers.

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You could offer to sponsor a party bus trip in partnership with a local radio station when they are giving away tickets to a concert or sporting event. The free advertisement generated by this single trip could be priceless. Flyers in local bars and restaurants, listings on tourism websites, and creating your own website are other great ways to find passengers — or for them to find you!

Expanding Your Business Your new party bus business will soon be turning people away, and it will be time to expand.


Consider adding more buses or starting a party bus business in another town. You may also want to add a limousine or taxi service. To go in a completely different direction, consider promoting events such as concerts and festivals that party buses could drive to.

Lots of expansion ideas to consider when learning how to start a party bus! Did you like it?Strategic Plan: What Is It? A Strategic Plan will be used to outline the purpose of Create Strategic Plan · Get Business Loans · Download Instantly · Create Business PlanTypes: Recommendation Letter, W-9, Non-Profit Bylaws, Fax Cover Letter.

Parties are lots of fun, no doubt. But they need to be planned meticulously too. Irrespective of the occasion you’re throwing a party for, a good party host and organizer is the one that takes care of all the details and aspects beforehand, so that the party guests have a .

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