Natural beauty of bangladesh

Here is a list of the natural beauty of Bangladesh. The world-class marine beach in south-eastern Bangladesh. Apart from this, there are many ancient structures. Saint Martin Island 2.

Natural beauty of bangladesh

The Natural Beauties of Bangladesh Add caption In summer, trough we feel uncomfortable for extreme heat, yet we get various kinds of Natural beauty of bangladesh fruits in this season. After a long spell of hot weather, the rainy season comes with showers to cool the earth.

During the rainy season by sky often remains overcast with thick black clouds that hover across the sky close to the earth surface.

Bangladeshi Real Nature & beauty: Natural Beauty of Bangladesh

The low-lying lands go under water and look like a vast sheet of water. In autumn there is play of hide and seeks among the clouds.

The sky in an autumn nigh studded with innumerable stars appears to be a dreamland to the on-lookers. In late autumn Nature smile with the dew drops in the morning. In winter fields full of winter spring with all its beautiful sights and sounds and make Bangladesh the queen of all beauties.

Being a riverine country, her rivers present different scenes at different times. Especially the rivers in the rainy season present an unbroken view of variety of sights, which amuses our eyes.

Each of her natural regions such as Rangamati, Kaptai, Sylhet, Moinamati, Sundarbans etc are blessed with the most enchanting natural beauty. The scenery of these places is so charming and attractive that there is always a rush of tourism and visitors in these places from home and aboard throughout the year.

Natural beauty of bangladesh

Whoever sets foot on this land can never forget its beauty. I am proud and happy to have been born in such a beautiful country. The North, The west and the most part of the east is surrounded by India, the southeast part of the east is attached with Myanmar and The Bay of Bengal is to the south.

It is situated in the temperate zone of the world. It got its independence on 16 December, The climate of the country is hot and humid. The main occupation of the people in general, here is agriculture. There are some other professions too, such as service, teaching, technical and industrial work etc.

The main attraction of this country is its natural beauty. There are three world heritage sites here: In spite of some problems, Bangladesh is a very beautiful country. The people of this country are very patriotic, brave and hospitable.

I feel very proud about Bangladesh. Another Bangladesh is full filled with many Natural Beauties Bangladesh is full-filled with many natural beauties.

She is very beautiful in every where. The vast Bay of Bengal is situated in the South of Bangladesh. The Meghna river is situated in the East. Green trees, birds chirping, yellow corn crops etc make our mind fulfill.

Green trees fill up our eyes and birds chirping fill up our ears and mind. The natural scenery of village draws a general picture of thrilling.

Natural beauty of bangladesh

A little Jonaki Poka [one kind of insect that has natural lights in her body] helps us to see our way in the bamboo garden in the dark night.

Our eyes are charmed to see many natural beauties all around us. When we go near to the Padma, Meghna, Jamuna, Cornofuly rivers then our mind become fresh and we forget all of our sorrows. The water lily blooms in the canal. White Lily is our national flower. The local area of the East is decorated by tea gardens.

A large number of green parrots come to these tea gardens and that makes the scenery more beautiful. Specially the guest birds make the scenery more beautiful. The Seasons get changing after every two months. The village people suffer a lot in summer season.Bangladesh is a small country, but if you visit here, you will be amazed to its natural beauty.

Here is a list of the natural beauty of Bangladesh. Research Proposal for: Prospects of Beauty Parlor Business in Bangladesh Prepared By Keyur Savalia Nikita Sanghvi Under the guidance of Mr. Siddharth Bisht (Professor, Stevens Business School) Title Research Proposal for Prospects of Beauty Parlor Business in Bangladesh Background People seek beauty.

They are constantly looking to improve what they have or give themselves a whole new look.

Nature: Natural Beauty of Bangladesh

After independence, the new state endured famines, natural disasters and widespread poverty, as well as political turmoil and military coups. The restoration of democracy in has been followed by relative calm and economic progress.

Bangladesh is a parliamentary democracy, with an elected parliament called the Jatiyo Sangshad. Best places to visit in Bangladesh which you can not miss during your Bangladesh travel to get the best experience of the country.

Check now! Know about the best places to visit in Bangladesh which you can not miss during your Bangladesh travel to get the best experience of the country. Jul 24,  · In Bangladesh, six seasons in their distinctive roles, come in procession and adorn our land with exquisite beauty. There are some hilly areas in Bangladesh which are the home of natural beauty.

The tea gardens in the hill slopes in Sylhet are charming spots.

Natural Beauty of Bangladesh

Beautiful Bangladesh photos and HD nature Wallpapers. Download Beautiful Bangladesh wallpapers, photos, images free. Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty.

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