Media truthful or harmful

Is it justifiable to deceive a patient with a placebo? When physicians communicate with patients, being honest is an important way to foster trust and show respect for the patient.

Media truthful or harmful

Everyone who begins a weight-training program does so for a reason.

Media truthful or harmful

From the very first time we wrap our hands around a barbell, there is a motivating force which drives us. For many of us, the motivation is to get bigger and stronger. This applies to the great majority of teen-age trainees who take up the sport. For older lifters, the reason for training may be to "get back in shape," after years of inactivity.

Then there are those who use weight-training as an adjunct to another sport. There are countless athletes who lift to improve their performance in a chosen sport.

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Naturally ,as we get older, our reasons for lifting change. Our goals, our view of the world, and our priorities change, so it follows that our motivation for lifting will change too. A trainee of forty will not have the same goals and aspirations of a teenager.

For older trainees, there are many fine examples of lifters who have demonstrated that age is merely a number. What about those who lift competitively? Is it a worthy pursuit? As someone who competed for many years, I can say that it certainly is a worthwhile endeavor.

Setting a goal, developing a plan of action to achieve your goal, working hard to accomplish your goal, and being able to achieve what you had set out to do are just some of the rewards that you can derive from lifting.

But if you wish to develop discipline, and the ability to set and reach goals, then competitive lifting will certainly be worth the effort. And competitive Lifters, like all athletes, want to win.

But competing should be something to be enjoyed. One of my favorite athletes of all-time is Al Oerter, the four-time Olympic champion in the Discus. Oerter once described his Olympic pursuit as "very internal Your opponent is your potential.

Years ago, in one of the first contests that I ever did, there was a former world champion who was scheduled to compete in my weight class. Even though I had no chance of beating him, that did not stop me from training hard in preparing for the upcoming meet.

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On the day of the contest, the former champion not only won his weight class but also pickedmup the Best Overall Lifter trophy, too.

And my friends and I, the four of us battled a blizzard to drive to Pennsylvania, each of us had a great time. Looking back at that meet, and many others in which I participated, I think about the training, and preparation, and how much joy it brought.

This brings me to another favorite quote of mine:Congresswoman Mimi Walters (R-Irvine) laughed and celebrated in the Rose Garden after she voted to take away vital protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

Yet in an attempt to deceive voters, Walters is putting out false and misleading information on her official social media accounts.

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