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Media essays advertising

Social media advertising Essay: Social media advertising The numbers of companies who advertise on social media platforms like Facebook are increasing rapidly in recent years. The diversification of online advertising into social media can be seen everywhere. Facebook advertising is potentially able to reach million daily active users with 1 billion registered users in worldwide Wordstream, Thus, do public relations practitioners have certainly perfected the art of social media advertising?

Back during past times, public relations practitioners approached audiences through traditional media. With no doubt, it plays a dynamic role as a medium between organization and its public to highlight their image and impression transparently.

However, social media and technology such as Facebook is preferable in globalization for IMC. Public relations practitioners indicate that the combination of social media and traditional media will enhance the impact of the message by the organization when developing IMC strategies plans.

The rapid growth of Facebook in both popularity and number of users make it as first choice advertising platform when lack of budget. Furthermore, Toyota who faced with declining sales in the wake of safety recalls used a combination of YouTube videos and Facebook pages to promote its Sienna minivan.

Approximately Facebook users were signing on as fans of the Sienna within few weeks Elliott, Impacts of online advertising are huge.

It is definitely help to create brand awareness and recognition via Facebook. Amazon also uses Facebook as a way to drive customers with deals, sweepstakes and giveaways Business Insider, Disney has managed pages on Facebook with more than million cumulative Page likes.

It uses Facebook to entertain users by sharing movie trailers, songs with attach their other social media landing sites Business Insider, In additional, contents for advertisements on social media are now not only limited on text and photos.

Moreover, Facebook serves as a channel where companies can quickly diffuse specific messages to a wider audience when compared with traditional media such as press releases or printed advertisement. It is more than a broadcast tool because public relations practitioners are now bypassing the middle man and getting permission direct from the end users.

Public relations practitioners do not need to get permission to publish news or advertise to medium like newspapers, radios and television since social media is free.

It is important in developing an IMC strategies plan for companies because messages public relations practitioners share with audiences can be a long term relationship in the form of page fans on Facebook. They are able to participate in conversations and answer questions directly to audiences, engaging them and leaving no room for the closed loop information delivery to newspapers or magazines Aggarwal, It enables to initiate two-way communication with customers and develop relationships with customers via communication and interaction.

Citibank who sponsors many different events like concerts, arts and charities has make Facebook as their main CRM channels which customers can get answers from the public relations practitioners or social media staff quickly Business Insider, The nature of Facebook means all audiences can read communications intended for any one audience.

Thus, public practitioners cannot assume that advertisements on Facebook will reach everyone as an individual may or may not see information on a Facebook page. Cost for advertising has increased for companies.

Media essays advertising

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Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Marketing work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours. About this resource This Marketing essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies.Advertising has become an essential element of the corporate world and hence many companies allot a considerable amount of resources towards advertising their products either by the print media, outdoor media and the broadcasting media advertising.

Furthermore there are cultural concerns related to social media advertising and these will be explored in greater detail later in this essay. Nevertheless, social media advertising is considered to be central to marketing, as the Internet has become a powerful platform for advertisers to reach mass audiences.

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