Marketing plan tanduay ice

F The term "resident alien" means an individual whose residence is within the Philippines and who is not a citizen thereof.

Marketing plan tanduay ice

Establish your market Once you have your initial stocks, start letting the community know about your business. Make some calls to friends nearby who owns stores and ask if you can be their supplier. You must also take note that products that are contained in plastic bottles have shorter shelf life about 3 to 4 months from manufacturing compared to those contained in glass bottles.

A product may have 4 months period before expiry date, but remember that they are not being delivered to you after production. Meaning, they are transferred or stored from the plant to the warehouse so by the time it reaches you, the product may only have 1 month shelf life!

The solution is to simply store them in a location that is not exposed to sun light, or spray some water before being delivered Marketing plan tanduay ice cool down the temperature just advise your customers to wipe them upon delivery to prevent rusting on caps.

Also, do not stock more than 5 cases. Promos and Marketing Your customers are people - which makes it a no brainer to tell that giving them gifts will boost their loyalty to you. A calendar, bottle opener, mug or umbrella are the common ones.

You may also do a simple point-based reward system, where your customer gets a gift based on the sales you made on them example peso umbrella for Pedro and peso mug for Jose.

You can also partner with existing establishments such as carinderias, sari-sari storescanteens, bars, food stands and bakeries to expand your market.

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Reward them with special pricing or discounts for bulk orders. Take care of your customers It takes months to establish a solid relationship and only one late or failed delivery to ruin everything. This is fairly true especially when your competition in the area is tight.

Customers tend to have this "privileged" attitude that they feel they can replace you anytime with other suppliers. Save their contact numbers both in your phone and a notebook. In case your phone is lost or gets corrupted, you can easily inform them of your new phone number via call or text.

Ask for their birthday and have them marked on your calendar. A simple text or call will surely be appreciated. You may also give them a simple gift if you wish. Register your business Regardless if your business is in a commercial area or in your own place, registering your business is still a responsibility.

The usual checklist would include: Are you actually earning or just having enough to cover-up your expenses? One good way to do this is to have a simple spreadsheet Excel to list down all your expenses in a day or month, and your sales.

You can also use this to list down all your existing customers, their contact details and the last date when he or she placed an order so you can always get back on them. For example, if a customer has not been placing orders for over a month, then you can ask them why to find out.

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Did they replaced you as their supplier because someone offered them lower prices compared to yours? Or did their business closed? At least you would know and this could help you strategize.

Marketing plan tanduay ice

So the number of sales is really the key to earning more. You can take the profit in your business with the approach you want best for you. When we started, we agreed that we will only take profits after the first year of the business.

Marketing plan tanduay ice

Meaning, all the earnings were rolled over on the business so we can grow it. You can also apply what we do in our business: You can try asking stall or mini-grocery owners about the contact number of the agents that roam around your area. Just be patient as some response takes a day or two.But that's not to say that you just carry on without doing your homework.

We pushed on with our plan because we studied the market and did some risk analysis. Money and fame are two of the things that every person desires. However, when it comes to great business and excellent entrepreneurship, being rich and famous is not feelthefish.comss aspirants should make a legacy, consisting of inspirations, reputations, outstanding brands and .

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They are one of the most popular teams in the league and the Philippines.. The Aces won nine PBA championships in the s, including a rare grand. But that's not to say that you just carry on without doing your homework.

We pushed on with our plan because we studied the market and did some risk analysis. Full text of Title I of the National Internal Revenue Code of [Republic Act No. , The Tax Reform Act of ] For other Titles of the Code, see related links Featured on the World Wide Web by The Law Firm of Chan Robles & Associates - Philippines.