Magar language writing activities

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Magar language writing activities

He had one elder brother Ganga, two younger brothers Purna and Ramesh; one elder sister Tulsi, and one younger sister Bhimi. Hitan's father had two wives Hastikumari and Gauri, but sadly both died at early age due to serious illness.

Even after his retirement, Padamsing continued to receive invitations from his regiment to celebrate VC day in May, and such was his standing in the international community, the Indian government would also invite him to mark their annual Independence Day celebrations in August in Delhiso he often travelled to India, sometimes twice a year, spending several weeks in route.

This nomadic life style of Hitan's father and early death of his mothers put all the responsibilities of raising his siblings squarely on Hitan's shoulders. Hitan grew up in the hardship of magar language writing activities rural life.

He attended and successfully completed high school alongside a daily routine of working in the fields, rearing cattle, fetching water and collecting firewood.

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At the age of 20, Hitan married Premkumari from GwalichaurBaglung. Subsequently they were blessed with three sons: Bijay, Ajay and Sanjay. Education and occupation[ edit ] Magar youths in the s and 60s spent their time working on farms, portering and generally enjoying life by taking part in folk musicsing-a-longs and dances.

Hitan's father promoted the value of a good literacy and always emphasized that Magar children should attend school. Indeed, he wanted more than anything that his own children would achieve a good standard of education instead of working on the land and tending cattle.

With his father's dedicated guidance Hitan completed higher primary school education at his village and then went to a nearby town, Tamghasto finish his secondary school education.


It is said that Hitan was the first person, at that time, to achieve a high school education in the whole village, and as a result of this qualification became headmaster of Sarbodaya High School in Amarai, albeit only a short period of time.

Despite this teaching job, Hitan was always involved in the daily household routine, especially looking after his younger brothers and sister, whilst still finding the time to work the fields and tend the cattle.

Being an educated youth, he felt that it was also his responsibility to serve the community. Inwhilst still balancing his family and social life, Hitan entered into government service in the Department of Land Reform.

By taking up the post of civil servanthe broke the Magar tradition by not joining the British or Indian Army as a Ghurkha soldier. His first posting was in Dailekh. During this career he served in many places including PyuthanBaglungPalpaTamghasand Bhairahawa in the mid-west of Nepal.

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Hitan believed that education made people wise. With this in mind, he pursued part-time education in the evenings and weekends while he worked in government service during the day.

Eventually, this hard work paid off. Yet still he wanted to further his higher education either in Kathmandu or in India and was even prepared to give up his job in the service of the government to achieve his goal.

However, he could not fulfill his dream of gaining a master's degree or PhD due initially to his poor family background and then later, because he had too many commitments in politics and volunteering.

Unfortunately, Hitan was never promoted during his 12 years of government service despite his higher education qualifications. Such unfair treatment forced him to resign from the service, which left him resentful throughout his life, although he did have a few proud moments during his working life.

Sometimes he would get appointed as the temporary head of the department. However, it was the discriminative policy of the Nepalese Government which made Hitan most frustrated.

magar language writing activities

At that time, Nepalese nationals were few and far between in public service. Indeed, only one of his department colleagues was native Nepalese, who was from Newar.

According to his diary, most of the time Hitan was tasked with carrying out field investigations: On many occasions he endured lack of food, drink, proper sleep or rest in pursuit of carrying out his employment duties and as a result often became ill.The particle مگر magar is used in the interrogative sentences in the following situations: When the speaker expects an opposite reply, even if the answer is indeed agreeable: Are they here already?

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Magar Studies Center is dedicated to advancing scholarly pursuit on the issues of history, culture, language, literature, art and socio-economic issues of Nepali societies. While the government of Nepal developed Magar language curricula, as provisioned by constitution, the teaching materials have never successfully reached Magar schools, where most school instruction is in Nepali language.

[4]. Jaybahadur Hitan Magar (17 July – 11 December ) was a politician, campaigner, writer and intellectual of Nepal, and a member of the Nepali Congress (NC).

He campaigned for a fair involvement of marginalised communities and groups of people within the NC.

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