Global hotels and motels

Private vacation homes and apartments for reasonable prices. Only 10 Minutes from Hawk Mountain. Located less than a mile off Hawk Mountain Road.

Global hotels and motels

General Information about hotels and accommodations in Costa Rica Want to spend a few thousand dollars per night for a nice hotel? Want to spend a few dollars per night for a clean room and a bed? You can do either in Costa Rica and everything in between because we have it all here.

Costa Rica can accommodate any budget! Costa Rica is a beautiful natural paradise served by over a thousand hotels, beds and breakfast, resorts, aparthotels, hostels and the infamous Costa Rica motels!

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Whatever you chose, remember that as of the writing of this page there is still a shortage of quality hotel rooms in some parts of Costa Rica, though this problem has now been mostly resolved. What do I mean by quality?

I mean a hotel with hot water, clean beds and a private bath in the room. Your definition of quality may be a LOT higher.

To me, the bathroom thing rules as I do not like sharing that facility with someone or many someones whose personal hygiene I do not know or I suspect may be ummm While you can always find something, I recommend phoning ahead or reserving by Internet to make sure you can get something decent.

This is less important during the rainy season, June to November. Phones are available in the rooms of most better quality hotels, but many of the budget hotels and all hotels often only have a phone in the lobby.

Plan your trip early This is where a good travel agent can help you out. If you use a travel agent, make sure they have actually been here. Hotel web sites often have stunning photos but may not fairly represent the actual property.

Most are pretty accurate though.

Global hotels and motels

Accommodations are located everywhere Here is what to expect: A large Costa Rican hotel is about 80 rooms. Therefore, most of the quality hotels that people read about fill up very early and very quickly and may not have any vacancies for the dates you want if not booked months and months ahead of time.


This is especially true over the holiday seasons. The service from these larger hotels is exactly what you expect; with room designs and public areas equal to those in their other hotels worldwide — adapted, of course, for Costa Rica.

Saying that, you are going to get what you would get if you were in a fine hotel in the US or Europe. Lots of people like that.

Others prefer something more local in nature. Costa Rica has a ton of boutique hotels that are just out of this world.


Many have 25 rooms or less, good restaurants, and excellent service plus a special ambiance not found in the big international hotels.

The star rating means that the hotels offer and have available to the guest those services the Ministerio requires for the star rating the hotel is given. These hotels will have all the services you generally expect, but may lack certain formalities that would be available in a similarly rated International hotel.

Many hotels, except the very small ones, will have English speaking employees at the front desk to assist you.

Almost all hotels will accept US Dollars at the hotels specified rate of exchange which is usually a few colones less than the exchange rate specified by the Central Bank, but in most cases is fair. In recent years, Marriott and other large chains have built elaborate resorts.

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Use a quality Travel Agent if you are not completely familiar with Costa Rica. Either use a Travel Agent with offices in Costa Rica, or if in another country, find one that specializes in Costa Rica travel. You can easily tell this by looking at their web sites.Assurex Global has insurance Partners located all across the world ready to help you and your situation.

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