Essay questions on human resource management

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Essay questions on human resource management

Supervisors should evaluated their employees, and employees should be able evaluate their supervisors. And customers should evaluate them all. Why or why not?

An organization should follow a promote from within policy. Section C- Case Study 1 ex. Nonetheless, while performance appraisal is one of the fundamental activities n human resources, it has always been a lightning rod for criticism and has recently come under renewed attack as indicated in this section.

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Some criticisms of traditional performance appraisal systems, in which supervisors appraise subordinates, are that they frequently do not provide good assessments of managers. Hire a custom writer who has experience. It's time for you to order amazing papers! Instead, they may attribute improved performance to their managerial skills and take the credit for themselves.

With this background in mind, there is much to be learned from the experiences of the Otis Elevator Company. The company had concerns that its old paper-based performance appraisal system was too slow and cumbersome. There were also concerns about whether the raters could be assured of the confidentiality of their ratings.

Because of these problems, the company wanted a better system for appraising and developing the performance of its engineering managers. Decided to develop a degree feedback system.

With degree feedback systems, superiors, peers, and subordinates evaluate managers.

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An independent contractor, E-Group, developed the system and handles the collation and analysis of the feedback information. E-Group chose a item survey called LEAPS, which measures seven dimensions of leadership, for the degree instrument. The instrument was loaded on a Web site so that all raters can pull up the information and complete the appraisal in approximately 20 minutes.

After completing the appraisal, they simply submit the results via e-mail to E-Group to process. Because the system is encrypted, the company is able to provide greater confidentiality and anonymity for the raters than with the previous paper-and-pencil system.

E- Group was able to provide appraisal profiles for the managers within three days after the last of the evaluators e-mailed their input for the manager.


In addition, the profile of actual ratings for each manager from E-group also includes an ideal leadership profile developed by Otis executives. By comparison on his or her actual ratings with the ideal profile, managers can identify areas for future development. Otis Elevator chose to use the system only for developmental purposes, although recently it began to consider other purposes for the system.

Aside from the advantage of instantaneous transmission of information, what other advantages do you see with this type of performance appraisal system on the Internet?

What problems do you think Otis Elevator experienced once the degree system was successfully implemented on the Internet? In the past, many human resource professionals have been almost obsessed with the forms or format used in performance appraisal systems.An essay about the weather revolution essay on literature unemployment with quotations essay a gap year global quest perfect essay conclusion questions art essay example examples about earth essay jaipur my vision.

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Essay questions on human resource management

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