Essay about favourite movie titanic

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Essay about favourite movie titanic

No matter it is Bollywood, Hollywood or Tollywood, every generation loves watching them. There are some movies which people watch again and again. They do not get bored of watching them no matter how many times they have watched it.

Some people watch the movie so many times because they must have liked the story or the emotion they are trying to show the audience. Some of the stories which are shown in the movie are real based, fictional, self creativity, history etc.

Essay about favourite movie titanic

There are a few movies which are based on a real incident. Their life story has been shown in this movie.

At present they are the head of Kings United and V Company respectively. Similarly, there are a few movies which have been based on what happened years back and they still make people emotional. One such popular movie is Titanic.

This was directed by James Cameron and was released in This movie is based on a real incident in which the luxury ship hit an iceberg and sank in the year of The movie has won the hearts of many people.

Till today people become emotional when they watch this movie and tears roll down their eyes. Summary of the Movie The movie Titanic was released in the year It was directed and written by James Cameron.

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In the movie Titanic, the old Rose is telling the story about the events whatever she remembers while she was on the ship.

This is a love story of Rose and Jack. This turned out to be a tragic one as Rose survived that day but Jack died after trying to save her. The old Rose tells about the events that took place when she was sailing on the ship. She recollects the events that took place when she was young.

She was travelling in the upper class of the ship and one fine day she met Jack Dawson. He was a poor man. He got the chance of sailing the ship by sampling winning a game in poker.

Rose was troubled because of the problems in her life. So, she decided to jump from the ledge.


Jack saw her and saved from giving up her life. When he saved her, their eyes met with each other and at that immediate moment they fell in love with each other.

But Rose was engaged to a rich man. His name was Caledon Hockley. He was ignorant towards Rose. But still jack and Rose continued meeting each other. Her mother was just proud of herself as they were rich similar to Caledon.

But this did not bother jack and Rose. Anyhow they always managed to see each other. They spent many amazing moments with each other. One night Jack and Rose went to the lower levels of the ship. They were spending time with each other. Suddenly they saw an iceberg in front of the ship and they informed about it to others.

But the ship hit the iceberg.Read reviews, watch trailers and clips, find showtimes, view celebrity photos and more on MSN Movies. Writing sample of essay on a given topic "My Favorite Movie" My Favorite Movie: Titanic Watching movies is my favorite pastime.

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Essay about favourite movie titanic

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