Descriptive essay christmas dinner

I hope you enjoy it!

Descriptive essay christmas dinner

Wednesday, May 28, Descriptive Essay Bright rays of sun light shining through the blinds, it was finally Christmas day in Omagh. I woke up on Christmas morning to the breathtaking aroma of English breakfast which consisted of an endless selection.

On a large gold dinner table, with white flowers painted on it, and glass top to finish it up, was fully covered by so many choices to choose from.

There was a variety of jams all placed one next to the other, all of different flavors, reminded me of a packet of skittles, blue, red, and orange. There was wheat bread, rye bread, white bread; I usually ate the wheat bread, considering that it was healthy even though it gave a sandy texture in my mouth.

There was a countless amount of eggs and sausage on each end of the table, considering that the table consisted of sixteen chairs, seven on each side of the long ends and one on each of the other ends. The table top was no more visible due to the numerous amounts of plates that were scattered all over.

After breakfast it was time to clean up, thankfully for the dishwasher that made my job of cleaning much easier, even though it made sounds which sounded like two glasses being hit together every time the spinning stopped.

After breakfast we all joined in the family room, which was colorful with green and red decorations. A Christmas tree which stood the height of the high ceilings, covered with all different types of colors of ornaments was a centerpiece of the room.

Purple, green, red, pink balls, along with mini Santa Clauses, stars, and music lyrics all hanging from the tree, were all evenly aligned through out the tree. The presents were flowing from under the massive green object, almost like a volcano erupted, with all different designs on the wrappings.

Christmas carols were playing through out the house, giving a cheery feeling. While the adults went back into the kitchen to start of the Christmas dinner, it was time for the young ones to open up their presents.

My five cousins and I said that we would each open our presents one by one to each see what we received. Finally, it was my turn to open my first present. I ripped the wrapping paper into many pieces, opened the box, and pulled out a long white shower robe, with little pink flowers.

Going through each one, I received a perfume bottle that had a wonderful scent, almost like lavender. Also I got jewelry, which shined brightly, a set of brushes, a bunch of clothes, and much more.

After all the presents were open, the sight of the room looked like it was a day care center with toys scattered all over the place. Yet again, the aroma of food began. It was traditional to have a big feast for Christmas dinner, and it sure did smell like it.

Smell of chicken, vegetables, gravy, and biscuits all together was making my stomach growl. I decided to go help out a little bit in the kitchen. Walking in, I picked up a pan, not knowing that it was just pulled out of the oven, the two second touch gave me a really bad burn on the tip of all my figures.

Feeling bad about what had happened; I went upstairs to the guest room to lie on the bed, which was so cozy, until dinner was ready. As I laid on the bed, I was looking around, only to notice the quilt that was always on the foot of the bed, put together by all different type of fabric, with different color and textures.

The quilt meant a lot to me because it was sewn by grandma, and I had a lot of respect for her because she was such an old women, but stayed so strong.Sep 16,  · Christmas Day - A Descriptive Essay I wrote this as a descriptive essay for my English Composition class. I hope you enjoy it!

I was awake before the sun and there was no trace of heaviness on my eyelids. Christmas morning had always come early for us kids. Leftovers were our dinner, and soon it was bedtime for us all.

The toys. Essay on Scrooge's Transformation in Dickens' A Christmas Carol - Ebenezer Scrooge is the major character in the story, A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens.

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Descriptive essay christmas dinner

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Reign of specialists and examples, for beginners. So, we offer a paragraph. In my family, the Christmas fever starts a week before. The first days are reserved for buying gifts and gift cards for friends and family. Also, we decorate our pine tree with tinsels, colorful light bulbs, ornaments, and an angel perched on the very top.

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