Bonnie clyde film analysis

Lesbian and gay studies: L43 Babuscio, Jack "Cinema of camp aka camp and the gay sensibility.

Bonnie clyde film analysis

How to Write a Summary of an Article? From their Bonnie clyde film analysis all the way to their death scene the film is riddled with inaccuracies and half-truths. Bonnie catches him and goes with him to town and watches him rob a grocery store before jumping into the car to escape and molesting him as they speed away.

After watching the documentary, the first few scenes in the film seem overly forced and unbelievable. The film skips completely around Clydes Back story and the reasons why he is robbing in the first place.

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The film also would lead you to believe that Bonnie is slutty and wild in nature, someone who is always craving more out of life and can only find it by running around with Clyde shooting people.

I think in the effort to make this film seem exciting and grand the producers left out the important information about how Bonnie and Clydes relationship really grew. They left out the mention of all of the love letters the couple exchanged that undoubtedly deepened and pushed their love for each other along in life.

While the film did stray and change their story, they did ad some interesting imagery leading up to and during the death scene. In an ironic twist the producers end the movie with the couple being killed while trying to do a normal good citizen type deed.

It is after Clyde stops to help W. The editing in the death scene also shows a flock of birds being startled from the tree row right before the gunfire starts. You see the birds take off and watch as Bonnie looks to the birds and trees, and can see the recognition on her face that something is very wrong.

Fitting then that the pigeons take off from the trees that the cops themselves are hiding in, making Bonnie and Clyde aware that something is about to happen.

You can see that Bonnie and Clyde kept a tight knit group in the film and in life. Clyde taking on a father figure to Bonnie as well as a lover of sorts. His wife Blanche was the motherly conscious of the group, trying to get them to stop and act right.

The film portrayed W. As someone who blindly followed Bonnie and Clyde, admiring and emulating them in an effort to impress them and make himself a needed member of the group. Bonnie and Blanche did not get along, but Bonnie went so far as to take on a motherly role to Blanche as well in the film, comforting her and in one scene, caring for the wounds to Blanches eyes, It is also hinted at in the film that W.

Bonnie clyde film analysis

Had a crush on Bonnie or thought to impress her in some way. Also noticeable is how the group really does need each other, They each fill a familial role and are always looking out for each other during their gun battles with the police. It is seen many times in the fact that they are constantly slowing down the car to let one of the group jump in as they escape.

In many of the car scenes you can see them holding onto each other, tending to their various wounds. In one scene in particular you can witness the love that both W.

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And Clyde both share for Bonnie as she is hit by gunfire and laying out in a field. And Clyde both appear distraught and steal a car before carefully picking Bonnie up and taking her away.

This leads to W. Taking the couple to his fathers home and insisting on their care, When his father insults the pair in conversation with W. And criticizes his son for a large chest tattoo he has gotten, the producers make a big deal to show how indignant W.

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