A description of whether should americans celebrate columbus day

What are some important beliefs Americans have about themselves and their government? Content summary and rationale First among the ideas Americans hold in common is a commitment to the values and principles of American democracy, such as the right to freedom of religion, speech, and the press.

A description of whether should americans celebrate columbus day

He had traveled extensively throughout and outside of the African continent, already owning most of the continent.

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Lured by exploration, Abubakari II called engineers of the Lake Chad who were known to build ships like their Egyptian ancestors and studied all the ships on the rivers Djoliba Niger and Senegal to help him launch a massive fleet across the ocean. He also hired a large and diverse crew of sailors, traders, builders, artists, warriors, and learned men, and supplied them with enough rations to last two years.

The fleet then went across the great western ocean, relying on a unique system of drum communication. Ancient Origins Abubakari II handed his throne to his brother, Kankou Moussa, and set off on an expedition into the unknown in His brother, Kankou Moussa, popularly known as Mansa Musa, would become the richest man in all of history.

The third year in the fledgling colony of Boure Bambouk, the first under the direction of Abubakari II, sees its highs and lows. Abubakari establishes the first diplomatic contacts with the curious Tupi tribes of the region, encouraging trade with them.

Through this trade, the colonists of Boure Bambouk are first acquainted with New World crops, including corn, beans, peanuts, tobacco, cotton, and tropical fruits.

Such agricultural commodities will allow the colony to become self-sustaining. Likewise, Old World livestock, such as cattle, sheep, and guinea fowl, are first introduced to the Tupi, as are cereal grains like rice, millet, and sorghum.

Christopher Columbus

Mansa Musa is impressed by the new crops presented to him, and garners more settlers and aid to send to Boure Bambouk. Thus begins a back-and-forth exchange of Bamboukian goods in return for Malian assistance. Agriculture of corn, beans, peanuts, peppers, and cotton will set off a population explosion in Mali, that will provide future settlers from across the sea.

A description of whether should americans celebrate columbus day

Moreover, chemical analyses of gold tips that Columbus found on spears in America show that the gold probably came from West Africa. Van Sertima cites the Aztec divinity Quetzalcoatl who is sometimes represented in Mexico as a Black man with a beard, dressed in white, who arrived 6 cycles after the last man who came from the foreign lands.

But with sailors, explorers, and kings. Sign up to receive updates from Face2face Africa, including news alerts, upcoming events and giveaways Subscribe.He seems to believe Columbus Day is “a time to celebrate the achievements of those who came before us—immigrants who faced untold hardships throughout history, yet persevered to build the world we inhabit today.” Protesters, of course, see Columbus as a genocidal oppressor.

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Every October, grateful Americans get a day off work to, ostensively, celebrate the life of explorer Christopher Columbus.. The explorer was . Description Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant is a small restaurant that seats 58 (Krajewski et al., p.


A description of whether should americans celebrate columbus day

The restaurant is located in New England in a business district that is on the edge of a large city (Krajewski et al., p. ). Americans celebrate New Year Day which is celebrating the first day of a new year, Memorial Day. Or so says some historians. Although it is now widely accepted that Columbus did not discover the Americas when he landed in the Caribbean in , as there were Native Americans watching him from.

Most states celebrate Columbus Day as an official state holiday, though many mark it as a "Day of Observance" or "Recognition" and at least four do not recognize it at all. Most states that celebrate Columbus Day will close state . Martin Luther King Jr. Day Martin Luther King, Jr.

Day is on Monday, January 16, "We must work unceasingly to uplift this nation that we love to a higher destiny, to a higher plateau of compassion, to a more noble expression of humanness".

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